Why Google keeps Calling About Your Google Ads Account

If you’re managing a Google Ads account, you may have noticed a surge of unsolicited emails and calls from suspicious individuals posing as “Google Account Strategists.” These strategists claim to have the expertise necessary to improve your Google Ads campaign’s performance and may persistently attempt to reach you or your clients.

Authentic Google Account Strategists Vs. Unauthorized agents

It is vital to differentiate between authorized Google account strategists and unauthorized account managers from rogue agencies who may try to poach your business. These rogue agents usually contact businesses whose ads pop up in Google searches. They utilize pressure tactics to convince them to switch to their ad management services.

Communicating with a Google Account Strategist: How to be cautious and what to expect

When you receive an email or call from a real Google account strategist, anticipate them inspecting your Google Ads account and suggesting changes to enhance performance. They might start the conversation by sounding urgent, alleging that your account has issues that hinder you from reaching potential clients. The strategist is likely to recommend changes such as adding missing extensions or allowing some features. He may also eventually suggest using an automated bidding strategy like Enhanced CPC.

While the account strategist’s aim is to help your campaign succeed, working for Google and not for you suggests that they may not necessarily know your business well enough to recommend the most appropriate tools and strategies for your industry. Though recommendations are made to help you succeed, it is essential to be skeptical of them as they may not align with your business goals. If you choose to work with an account strategist, be prepared to spend a lot of time reviewing your account with them.

Think before accepting Google’s Ads recommendations

Though Google account strategists offer the best practices for Google Ads campaigns, their recommendations may not meet the context and insights required for a specific campaign. A cookie-cutter approach may not satisfy every business’s needs, and understanding the target audience’s demographics and the services promoted’s nature is crucial to building effective strategies. Thus, an informed account manager who understands your business is vital in vetting Google account strategist recommendations before implementing them.

Opting out of Google Outreach calls

There is no formal procedure to proactively opt-out of Google account strategist outreach other than requesting them to stop contacting you after being contacted. Having a Google Ads account means you are fair game for unsolicited outreach.

What to do when approached by a Google Account Strategist

To confirm the authenticity of anyone contacting you regarding your Google Ads account, you should ask them to send you an email from their Google.com address, including your customer ID. Once confirmed, you can start a session with them on the spot or schedule a follow-up appointment. Suppose you’re working with an agency or your Ads management specialist. In that case, it’s advisable to include them in any follow-up planning or decline the offer and ask to be removed from their contact list.

Maximizing Google Ads Campaign Results

Working with a Google Ads professional who understands your account and business nature is essential to making informed decisions about your Google Ads campaigns. While some unknown strategists may offer valuable insights, it’s essential to consider their input in context and under scrutiny.

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